Active Tourism

Just in San Sebastian has active tour plans for all sorts of tastes from fishing and sailing to relaxing bike rides or real cycling. Paddle and regular surf and if you wish to immerse yourself in an all basque experience you can also play the real hand-ball basque game.

If you you're the adventurous kind and into sports Just in San Sebastian knows the best hiking and walking routes, as well as biking trails, surf and has the best paddle instructors. You could even enjoy a match of pelota, a legendary basque ball game. There are also amazing mountains and views you will be able to appreciate on our walking and hiking tours Enquire about any of these activities.

San Sebastian is a city that moves by bike and the proof is in its extensive series of bike paths that covers most of the town. Biking is possibly the best way to see the city. Don't miss out on our bike and pintxos tour, ask about our surfing and find out if there is a pelota match you can watch!