Gourmet Breakfast & Dinner Provisions

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Gourmet box.jpg

Gourmet Breakfast & Dinner Provisions


Make your arrival to San Sebastian seamless. Let us provide you with a light savory supper or delightful breakfast with local gourmet products delivered to your holiday home in San Sebastian. 

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If you are visiting the Basque Country, you will probably fall in love with the food and culture (we all do!) so we have come up with a selection of Basque Gourmet kits that you can take home.
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☐ 1 Pintxo Lotea- Pincho/Tapas pack 50€
Bonito- white tuna
Guindillas –pickled peppers
Idiazabal Cheese
Pimientos de piquillo – red roasted piquillo peppers
Rosé Wine
Ainhoa napkin

☐ 2 Mendiko Lotea- Mountain pack 50€
Idiazabal Cheese
Txorizo- Local Chorizo
Guindillas –pickled peppers
Natural Cider
Euskal-Lingue napkin

☐ 3 Organiko Lotea- Organic pack 50€
Organic salt from Añana
Olive oil
Asparagus from Navarra
Bonito - Organic white tuna
Red Wine (organic)

☐ 4 Custom Made
Choose from our products and design you own gourmet kit